Rod Sweet

  • British Pavilion

    Shanghai diary: What China taught the CIOB


    CIOB members took in the magnitude of China’s construction growth at its recent AGM in Shanghai

  • CCTV Tower in Beijing

    Bao Guangjian: man of steel


    Bao Guangjian is China’s most innovative steel specialist and the driving force behind Beijing’s impossible-to-build television centre – and even he is a little concerned about whether it’ll stay up … we went to meet him in Shenzhen

  • Shanghai’s Maglev train, which takes an improbable seven minutes to travel 16 km

    The China trip


    China is in the process of building the biggest economy in the world at a pace that is hard to bend your head around – this is a country where planning approval can take a few hours and a town containing 11 universities can be built in a couple of ...