It’s no mean feat winning a Construction Manager of the Year Award.

Candidates first have to be nominated by their employers, clients, or a project’s consultants, and must themselves submit a 1,500 word project report. A judging panel for each of the 10 categories, comprising four CIOB members or fellows, then visits every project in that category.

Visits consist of interviews with the candidate, discussions with other project staff and a tour of the site. Candidates are scored according to their responses to set questions.

The judges then meet to agree which candidate has been most impressive in each category. Finally, the chairman of the 10 panels decides on the overall winner.

Construction manager of the year Overall winner

Anthony Joubert

Projects over £60m

Gold: John Phillips, Silver: Martin Potterton FCIOB

Projects £30m-£60m

Gold: Jason Curtis, Silver: Tony Grindrod MCIOB

Projects £22m-£30m

Gold: Benjamin Stevenson, Silver: Graham Kingdon

Projects £15m-£22m

Gold: Kanji Kerai, Silver: Ian Hazelton MCIOB

Projects £11m-£15m

Gold: Dean Cobley, Silver: Guy Lacey MCIOB

Projects £7m-£11m

Construction Manager of the Year: Anthony Joubert, Silver: Geoff Wright MCIOB

Projects up to £7m

Gold: John Darling, Silver: Sarah Payne


Gold: Phil Parnell, Silver: Mark Chamberlain FCIOB

Residential over £15m

Gold: Shaun Evans MCIOB, Silver: Richard Dobson

Residential under £15m

Gold: Allen Marshall ICIOB, Silver: Harry Dainton ICIOB

To read more about the winners and their projects click on each of the categories linked below.