Construction CPD

Gain your CPD points with Building by completing CPD modules online. Each module below contains a full technical article followed by a link to a multiple-choice questionnaire. All are fully CPD accredited.

Continuing Professional Development

In insulated suspended flooring systems, the concrete blocks between the beams are replaced by blocks of EPS insulation

CPD 4 2017: Insulated suspended floor systems

Insulated suspended flooring systems can be used in place of conventional beam-and-block to meet higher energy performance standards. This CPD, sponsored by Springvale, outlines the design considerations

Cobalt Place, south London

CPD 3 2017: Retrofitting vacuum insulation panels for flooring

VIPs can minimise the loss of floor-to-ceiling height when upgrading the floors of existing homes to meet energy regulations. This CPD module, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, outlines the main points to consider

Woman with notes

CPD 2 2017: Implementing lean construction

Lean construction can be applied at every stage of a project to cut waste and improve efficiency. This CPD, sponsored by Newforma, discusses the challenges of implementing this approach and how they can be overcome


CPD 1 2017: Living walls

A living wall incorporates vegetation into facades or other internal or external walls. This CPD, sponsored by ANS Global, will examine the benefits and the key design considerations

At Beaumont, a Country and Coast Homes development in Exeter, CX cavity lintels from Catnic supported the sharp, unusual shape of the buildings

CPD 22 2016: Specifying steel lintels

Correct specification and installation is critical to the performance of a steel lintel. This CPD, sponsored by Catnic, outlines the main points to consider

Arlington community centre

CPD 21 2016: Specifying insulation for inverted flat roofs

This module examines the benefits of using high-performance extruded polystyrene to insulate inverted roofs, a technique that is particularly appropriate for green roofs. It is sponsored by Dow Building Solutions


CPD 23 2016: BIM levels of detail

Levels of detail define the content of a BIM project at different stages. This CPD, sponsored by Vectorworks, outlines the main points to consider

BlackRock swinglanes

CPD 20 2016: Security entrance lanes

Automatic access systems are essential to ensure the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic to restricted areas. This CPD, sponsored by Boon Edam, examines their main components and outlines the installation process

Passivhaus residence in Knutsford, Cheshire

CPD 19 2016: Air and vapour-tight OSB For timber-frame buildings

Reducing air permeability is a key principle of the Passivhaus standard. This CPD, sponsored by SMARTPLY, shows how advanced OSB panels can help to achieve this goal