Saturday22 October 2016


Graham bags £150m north London pipeline

21 Oct 16

Contractor wins partnership with the London borough of Barnet


Housebuilders' pay buoyed by skills shortage

21 Oct 16

Research by Building reveals average pay packet of managing director in London tops £200,000

education classroom useful

Second phase of Priority Schools expected ‘after Christmas’

21 Oct 16

EFA’s Mike Green confirms £2bn second phase will start procurement in 2017


Mike Green

Interview with the EFA's Mike Green Video

21 Oct 16

The EFA’s director of capital reveals the procurement timetable for PSBP2 and his vision for future school building work


The new purpose-built pool incorporates original features such as the ‘slipper bath’ cubicles

Poplar Baths: Pooling resources

19 Oct 16

Poplar Baths in London’s East End is a historic example of state architecture used to improve public health. But to preserve this listed building, the project team had to demolish part of it and rebuild through a PFI agreement

Accoya window frames were specified on this house in Bleakhouse Road, Auckland

CPD 18 2016: Introduction to acetylated wood

18 Oct 16

The acetylation process modifies softwood to make it more durable and dimensionally stable. This CPD, sponsored by Accsys, outlines the product’s main benefits and applications


What to specify: Sustainability

18 Oct 16

Buildings that will harvest light, help grow silvergrass, test environmental credibility and power TV broadcasters feature among this week’s crop of product news

Lead times

Lead times: July - September 2016

20 Oct 16

There are capacity issues with some off-site manufacturing but the consensus among other site-based trades is that lead times are stabilising

#Experience Construction

Work experience person on construction site

Major companies back careers campaign to attract new talent

23 Sep 16

Building magazine and charity join forces to encourage school pupils to try out construction roles

BUSINESS BAROMETER: Your Interactive Guide to Construction Activity

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Comar gave this student hall façade form as well as function

Comar gave this student hall façade form as well as function

14 Sep 16

How Comar Systems were used in the development of the University of Birmingham’s new student accommodation


The jungle camp, Calais

Image of the week: Nowhere left to go

21 Oct 16

Work continues on a wall in Calais to stop migrants boarding UK-bound lorries, as the residents of “the Jungle” camp are told to evacuate


Battle, Sussex, sketch by Mette McLarney

Sketch of the week: Battle, East Sussex

21 Oct 16 | Updated: 21 Oct 16

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Mette McLarney

Salary survey


Housebuilders' salary survey 2016: Business as usual

21 Oct 16

The Brexit vote has ushered in a time of widespread uncertainty, but activity in the housebuilding sector has so far held up well. Joey Gardiner looks at what we can learn from this year’s salary survey and and asks how long trading can remain strong

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Cara Greaves

Learn as you earn

20 Oct 16

The Brexit vote combined with next year’s apprenticeship levy may give some firms a headache over investment plans but the need for construction apprentices has never been greater

Farmer Review


Farmer Review: Not waving but drowning

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer’s government-commissioned report into the construction industry makes for shocking reading. Speaking to Building the author explains his view of the dire state of the industry

Construction site

Farmer Review: Why construction is a sick patient

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer adopts the analogy of an ailing patient, with symptoms ranging from low productivity to a bad public image

Off site construction

Farmer Review: The 10 recommendations

17 Oct 16

Today’s ‘Modernise or die’ report aims to kick-start reform with this 10-point action plan

Building Awards

Grosvenor House hotel

Seven CEOs vie for top chief executive award

Building Awards announces the shortlist for the first ever CEOs’ CEO of the Year award


Farmer Poll illustration

Online poll: Farmer Review

19 Oct 16

Is the Farmer Review right about the scale of the challenges facing the construction industry? Vote here



Farmer Review: Telling it as it is

19 Oct 16 | By Sarah Richardson

Mark Farmer’s review outlines familiar problems but is hopefully the spark for powerful change

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's October market review is out now

20 Oct 16

Barbour ABI’s Economic & Construction Market Review for October is now available to download


Hansom HT

Hansom: Coming of age

21 Oct 16 | Updated: 21 Oct 16

If the stress of working in construction is turning your hair grey, count yourself lucky – you could be a GP. And if you really want to keep in touch with your younger side, you can always dig out your old Lego set


Archive, Moscow tackles the problem picture of article

This week in 1966

21 Oct 16 | Updated: 21 Oct 16

50 years ago a GLC delegation was investigating whether Soviet Russia had the answer to Moscow’s housing crisis


Natasha Hotson

Check the paperwork

21 Oct 16 | By Natasha Hotson

It’s not just Byron clamping down on illegal employees. The government has a drive on to catch workers who do not have the right to work in the UK - with big fines falling on those who employ them

Nigel Ostime

The Farmer Review overlooks architects' role

21 Oct 16 | By Nigel Ostime

Reforming construction is a must, and designers have a vital part to play in improving the delivery of building projects


A Guinness World Record for the longest Lego bridge

21 Oct 16 | By Oliver Budd

The inside story of WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff’s world record-breaking brick building bid

Stuart Whiting

Farmer Review: Off-site manufacturing needs to be the norm

21 Oct 16 | By Stuart Whiting

Contractors and specialists have a role to play in spreading innovation and collaboration through the supply chain

Chris Pike

Delaying a decision over airport capacity is economic madness

20 Oct 16 | By Chris Pike

Government indecisiveness risks damaging investors appetite in UK infrastructure projects, and ultimately the UK’s fragile economy

Nick Cullen

I can sympathise with politicians' Heathrow dilemma

20 Oct 16 | By Nick Cullen

MPs have to weigh up the interests of their constituents against those of the the country as a whole, no wonder they’re dithering


Farmer Review: Telling it as it is

19 Oct 16 | By Sarah Richardson

Mark Farmer’s review outlines familiar problems but is hopefully the spark for powerful change

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