Saturday18 April 2015

Make scheme for Derwent in Charlotte Street

Brookfield Multiplex wins £150m Saatchi building job

17 Apr 15

Contractor beats high-profile rivals to become preferred bidder on prestigious Derwent scheme

Terry Stocks

F+G recruits Ministry of Justice BIM guru Stocks

17 Apr 15

Consultant appoints UK’s foremost experts on BIM to head public sector business


Sellafield workers vote for industrial action

17 Apr 15

Dispute over union representation at Sellafield continues

MF index

Market forecast: Growing pains

15 Apr 15

Strong output demand has stretched the industry across the supply chain, with increased tender prices triggered by capacity constraints only the most salient sign of strain. Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports


Massing options for the East India Dock residential project in Tower Hamlets

BIM: Early adopters

14 Apr 15

Ramboll has developed an early stage modelling process that combines the qualitative capabilities of parametric design with BIM’s algorithmic, analytical strengths. Ike Ijeh wonders where this leaves designers

Bespoke heat pump

What to specify: Residential

9 Apr 15

This week’s residential products include a penthouse suite’s cantilever staircase, a bespoke heat pump for a luxury new build on the Wentworth Estate, and a whole house mechanical ventilation system

BUSINESS BAROMETER: Your Interactive Guide to Construction Activity

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The CPA/Barbour ABI Index

Armstrong’s CoolZone phase change materials were installed at Belvoir High School in Nottingham

CPD 8 2015: Ceiling Solutions for Education

23 Mar 15

This module will examine how suspended ceilings can help meet both the acoustic and thermal-performance demands of schools under the PSBP. It is sponsored by Armstrong Ceilings


David Cameron

Image of the week: Playing to a home crowd

17 Apr 15

Prime minister David Cameron visits London building site earlier this week after Conservatives propose extending the right to buy


Astana storyboard

Sketch of the week: Astana storyboard

17 Apr 15

This week’s sketch is by Mike Oades, director with Atomik Architecture


Attitudes to BIM

BIM survey results: Levelling off?

17 April 2015

The government is backing it. Firms are paying top dollar for people that can do it. So why does the number of firms using building information modelling actually seem to be falling?

Power up for Level 3

BIM: Power up for Level 3

16 Apr 15

The strategy document for BIM Level 3 - Digital Built Britain - is big on aspiration but comes up a little short on the details


Houses of Parliament

Election poll: Who's best for construction?

17 Apr 15

Which of the UK political parties has the best policies for construction? Vote here

Right to buy

Online poll: Right to buy

16 Apr 15

Is an extension of the right to buy a sensible reaction to the UK’s housing crisis? Vote here

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's March market review is out now

19 Mar 15

Barbour ABI’s Economic & Construction Market Review for March is now available to download


Is this the greenest government ever?

Is this the greenest government ever?

9 Mar 15

Watch this exclusive film analysing the coalition government’s track record on green building policy featuring the shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change


Sarah Richardson

The BIM race

17 Apr 15 | By Sarah Richardson

Research shows that the overall number of firms saying they use BIM has dropped in the last year - should we be worried?



Hansom: Reasons to be cheerful

17 Apr 15

Happiness has broken out on the UK’s building sites, it seems (are they putting something in the tea?). Plus, tall towers, oversized sculptures, fantasy drama and Iain Duncan Smith. Happy?


Sarah Richardson

The BIM race

17 Apr 15 | By Sarah Richardson

Research shows that the overall number of firms saying they use BIM has dropped in the last year - should we be worried?

Peter Hibberd

Retentions: Fit for purpose?

17 Apr 15 | By Peter Hibberd

There have been problems with retentions ever since they were introduced to ensure builders finished a job to a good standard. But finding an alternative has proved elusive

Rebecca Rees

Contract variations: Crystal balls at the ready

17 Apr 15 | By Rebecca Rees

A dispute with Winchester council over changes made to a 10-year-old development agreement could lead to local authorities attempting to pre-empt contract variations

Andrew Stunell

Part B: We have to get this right

16 Apr 15 | By Andrew Stunell

Part B needs improvement to make sure modern homes are safe. A fire in my constituency, one of a series across the country, has demonstrated that more work is needed

David Frise

How to fit BIM and fit out together

16 Apr 15 | By David Frise

At next month’s May Design Series we’ll be launching a BIM tool for the fit out sector

Steve Douglas

Right to buy is not the issue

15 Apr 15 | By Steve Douglas

The Conservatives’ pledge could create a legal minefield and distracts from challenge of building more homes


BIM: Look who’s talking

14 Apr 15 | By Peter Trebilcock

With government support, we could soon be living in smart cities where buildings, urban infrastructure and even vehicles communicate intelligently

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