Thursday03 September 2015


Sellafield will seek partner for £22bn decommissioning work

3 Sep 15

New board will look for strategic partner in April 2016 after private sector JV steps down

Eco school

Scape looks to roll out school modules heated by children

3 Sep 15

Units using thermal mass of pupils can be extra classrooms or basis of new school buildings

Construction site

Contractors ready to change payment practices

28 August 2015

Chief executive of industry body says firms “recognise current business model not sustainable”



Image of the week: When you wish upon a star…

28 Aug 15

Welcome to ‘Dismaland’, Banksy’s ‘bemusement park’ in Weston-super-Mare


Tracker: July 2015

1 Sep 15

The construction activity index took a leap upwards after contraction the month before, while the UK composite index saw its largest increase since 2012

Harmonising colour schemes involve two or more colours that sit next to each other on the artist’s colour wheel

CPD 17 2015: Specifying colour

2 Sep 15

The latest in our series of CPD modules examines the key issues when selecting a rooflight, including the diff erent types of glass and operating systems, as well as relevant standards and testing procedures

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Longcross Pedestrian route

Sketch of the week: Longcross

28 Aug 15

This week’s sketch is by Jonathan Hill, chairman of Scott Brownrigg


July Steel Insight cover

Steel Insight 13

23 Jul 15

Read the latest Steel Insight digital supplement


university alamy 2

University challenge

3 Sep 15

With contractors more choosy about the projects they bid for, and inflation eroding HE’s fixed tuition fee income, can universities remain attractive to the industry?


Staircases are configured as bold single flights to aid legibility and accessibility

The Plimsoll Building: Close encounters

2 Sep 15

The incorporation of two schools into a residential building is an example of school designers becoming more responsive to the changing physical and political environment


School desk

Online poll: School places

2 Sep 15

Is the government doing enough to address the shortage of school places? Vote here

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's August market review is out now

20 Aug 15

Barbour ABI’s Economic & Construction Market Review for August is now available to download



Immigration: The crackdown is coming

28 Aug 15 | By Sarah Richardson

The employment of migrant labour has been a problematic issue for construction for a long time


Hansom HT

Hansom: Tales of the unexpected

28 Aug 15

Swimming pool architecture reaches a new high this week, Balfour Beatty has something eyebrow raising in the claims department, there’s a prototype design for bonsai-sized flats and sexiness is found in unlikely places

Mumford Wood

What to specify: Residential

21 Aug 15

This week’s residential products include timber sliding sash windows for Alain de Botton’s A House in Essex project, and an external wall insulation that better suits the Georgian and Victorian brickwork often found in northern cities


Elaine McIlroy and Michael Ryley

Migrant salary rules: Your next headache

3 Sep 15 | By Michael Ryley, Elaine McIlroy

New migrant salary rules coming in next April will make life more difficult for construction companies already hit by skills shortages

Richard McCarthy

New kids on the block

3 Sep 15 | By Richard McCarthy

The shift away from local authority control of education brings its own challenges, but it also gives developers the chance to work with academies and free schools to meet community needs

Francis Ho

Insurance: Blown out of the water

2 Sep 15 | By Francis Ho

Do all-risks policies permit contractors to avoid liability for insured losses? A recent Court of Session case suggests not

Mairi Johnson

School design: Back to reality

2 Sep 15 | By Mairi Johnson

Today’s schools reflect our emphasis on digitally focused environments. But school communities need to be more physically networked


Immigration: The crackdown is coming

28 Aug 15 | By Sarah Richardson

The employment of migrant labour has been a problematic issue for construction for a long time

Simon Rawlinson

Skills crisis: Performance anxiety

27 Aug 15 | By Simon Rawlinson

Construction’s skills crisis could put a break on growth in the sector. Tackling low productivity is essential if construction is to remain affordable

David Johnson

Payless notices: Serves them right?

26 Aug 15 | By David Johnson

We all know that an employer has to issue a payless notice if it wishes to pay less than the amount claimed by the contractor. But why do employers continue to fail to serve them?

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