Saturday28 November 2015

Balfour Beatty

Balfour regional offices face closure in consolidation plan

27 Nov 15

Up to four offices and 50 jobs under threat as firm deepens efficiency drive after three years of profit warnings

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Stephen Pycroft

Mace chairman: Chinese firms in UK 'to get stronger and stronger'

26 Nov 15

Building Live: Mace executive chairman Stephen Pycroft shares his views on the UK market and life in ‘Mace world’

Education Funding Agency

EFA boss hails £2bn jump in school building budget

26 Nov 15

Building Live: Mike Green calls result of Spending Review a “good outcome” despite challenges ahead



In pics: London 2145

27 Nov 15

What will the London skyline look like in the year 2145?



Horizontal lifts: A sideways move

25 Nov 15

ThyssenKrupp has come up with a lift that not only functions without cables, but is also able to move horizontally as well as vertically. So what might this mean for the future of building design?

Magnifying glass on a contract

CPD 28 2015: Managing contract risk

19 Nov 15

This CPD module considers how subcontractors can manage the risks to their businesses, focusing on the contract. It is sponsored by Aldermore



Sketch of the week: River Thames property concept

27 Nov 15

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Lesley Helly, principal architect at LA Hally Architect


Boris Johnson

Image of the week: Boris the builder

27 Nov 15

Boris Johnson ‘helps’ to start work on the Northern line extension in Battersea


Cost update Q3 2015

27 Nov 15

Labour prices continue to be the main driver behind cost inflation in the third quarter of the year

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Prater round table

Terms of engagement

27 Nov 15

From next year all centrally procured public projects will have to use BIM Level 2 and yet our industry still seems woefully unprepared. Building asked a panel of BIM enthusiasts how they would get construction more fully engaged to reap the technology’s benefits


What to specify: M&E

23 Nov 15

This week’s M&E products include the replacement of an underfloor air conditioning system for a Gatwick Airport building, and an upgrade to fire protection systems at the Edinburgh College of Art


Good Employer Guide 2015



Let's talk Turkey

27 Nov 15

Despite acute problems on its borders and ongoing political instability, not to mention a permanently-pending EU membership application, Turkey has new build figures the UK can only dream of. But is it open to UK firms getting in on the act?


Osborne Number 11

Online poll: Spending review

26 Nov 15

Will George Osborne’s announcements on government spending be good for UK construction? Vote here



George, the builder

27 Nov 15 | By Sarah Richardson

Might the chancellor’s catchphrase of “we are the builders” actually have come good?

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's November market review is out now

19 Nov 15

Barbour ABI’s Economic & Construction Market Review for October is now available to download


Hansom HT

Hansom: Tales of imagination

27 Nov 15

Croydon embraces the life aquatic, Ed Davey strikes like a mongoose, Kenya gets itself in a jam, RICS celebrates a young woman’s contribution and Amazon erects a wind farm. Plus, Antony Gormley invades Hong Kong



George, the builder

27 Nov 15 | By Sarah Richardson

Might the chancellor’s catchphrase of “we are the builders” actually have come good?

Katherine Butler and Kevin Joyce

A facelift for NEC3

26 Nov 15 | By Kevin Joyce, Katherine Butler

Its role in mitigating disputes was a reason to celebrate the NEC’s 10th birthday this year. But it is also beginning to show signs of age and the time is ripe for a revamp

Jack Pringle

Specs and the City

25 Nov 15 | By Jack Pringle

The City of London has progressed past its original Square Mile perimeter physically. Now what businesses want culturally from the urban landscape has also changed

John Assael

Nice work

24 Nov 15 | By John Assael

The chairman of the first company to top Building’s Good Employer Guide two years running encourages the industry to do more to attract new talent

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Richard Robinson

Spending review: Providing the detail

24 Nov 15 | By Richard Robinson

While Osborne’s £100bn commitment to infrastructure is good news, all eyes will be on the detail of the Spending Review for greater clarity

Jeffrey Brown

Touching the void

23 Nov 15 | By Jeffrey Brown

A recent decision shows the consequences of failing to disclose material facts to insurers - dangers the Insurance Act 2015 should help alleviate


The colour of money

20 Nov 15 | By Sarah Richardson

How much is really at stake for the sector in next week’s spending announcement?

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