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    Notes for newbies


    Contract administration used to be architects' work but these days, many professions can bid for the job. Here's what the new kids need to know

  • Andrew Hemsley

    Easy money


    Loopholes in the NEC’s target contract mean contractors can use their old tricks to make a profit rather than taking a share of any project savings …

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    Own goal in extra time


    Rather like referees, contract administrators aren’t infallible. So what can you do if one of them wrongly awards your contractor an extension of time?

  • Andrew Hemsley

    Let’s go shopping


    The ‘Tesco law’ reforms would enable construction consultancies to become one-stop-shops, offering their clients legal advice. But will they do it?

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    Furtive behaviour


    Before you sign a home-cooked contract, ask yourself why your client-to-be felt the need to do it himself, when there are so many standard forms out there

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    Problem, solved


    Andrew Hemsley - Wrong contract rates are a classic construction conundrum, to which the courts have provided a beautifully simple answer. So everyone should learn it

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    Protocol’s progress


    The Society of Construction Law’s rules for handling delay can now be incorporated into your contract – with dramatic consequences for the programme

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    The NEC: A user's guide


    Changing a partnering contract isn't like changing a brand of cereal – but the contract writers could take a lesson in clear English from the back of the packet

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    A guide for the perplexed


    The PPC2000 partnering contract's multi-party approach leaves some users scratching their heads. But now there's a new document hoping to clear it all up

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    This is a hold-up


    Making a claim for losses caused by disruption can be tricky if you can't prove how much the disruption cost you. So how do you go about doing that?

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    The tao of GC/Works 1


    The GC/Works 1 contract has had an overhaul, and is probably now the best in the business, but projects only work when oneness is achieved …

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    Get one thing straight


    A common source of grief for employers is the failure to recognise that a contractor's submission is a 'request for payment'. How can you stop it happening?

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    A hit or miss affair


    PFI contracts often include incentives and penalties to ensure good performance on services. But if they are not well targeted, they'll miss the point

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    Self-inflicted injuries


    Two stories about contractors who got themselves into deep trouble because they failed to take some simple precautions before signing on the line

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    Don't forget to write


    Whether or not you get a fair deal in a dispute will ultimately come down to the strength of your case – and whether you have the records to prove it

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    Prepare for the high jump


    Faced with hefty insurance premium hikes, it's tempting to increase the excess you pay or reduce cover. Don't do it – there are other ways over this hurdle

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    Beyond these shores


    If you're carrying out a construction project abroad, you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls. Start by finding out which country's law applies

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    The last battle


    A final account statement may seem like a once-and-for-all agreement – but it is not. Get into a dispute and you may find the contract gives it no weight at all

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    Contract working


    Contracts are the lifeblood of client/contractor relationships. But to make the new types of deal work effectively, both parties have to buy into the philosophy

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    Something rotten …


    Not sure what the payment arrangements of the Construction Act are? You're not alone. They're confusing, that's what, and it's time for reform

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