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Specification optionsCapital cost (£/m2)Lifecycle cost (£/m2)Expected service life (years)
Glass fibre coated with PTFE110-15026120-40
Prestressed polyester coated with PVC35-5021615–20
Prestressed polyester coated with PVC with PVDF finish40-60177 
Low carbon steel supported tensile covering   
50-100m2 conical design with PVC fabric250-35094015–20
24-48m2 saddle design with PVC fabric350-4501,13515–20
Table notes: Net present values calculated with 3% discount rate for a 60-year period. Lifecycle costs include installation, inspections, cleaning, recoating PVC with silicone solution, allowance for minor repairs and replacement. Life cycle costs are indicative and are based on the average of capital costs and service lives. Costs for installed fabric depend on complexity of the design, size and access as well as the choice of material and finishes. Costs for the complete structure are based on an free-standing canopy or walkway construction. Low-carbon steel is galvanized and painted; Foundations excluded; service life relates to the fabric; lifecycle costs include maintenance to the steel coating. A cost analysis based on project specific information is essential for a realistic best value appraisal.