Executive Briefings

Executive Briefings

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Net Zero Report


Net zero and the education sector


Building Boardroom’s exclusive Net Zero Report continues its sector by sector look into the impact of the new carbon agenda. Here we look at the education sector, talking to the head of energy for UK schools, Hershil Patel

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Net zero for the public sector: How Scape is responding to the demand


Building Boardroom’s exclusive Net Zero Report continues its sector breakdown of what the new zero carbon agenda means for construction companies. Here we talk to Chris Clarke of public sector delivery partner Scape about meeting the net zero challenge

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Net zero for blue-chip developers: British Land case study


The latest case study in our Building Boardroom exclusive Net Zero Report is British Land. How are blue-chip developers adapting to the new zero carbon targets? We asked Philip Tait, who is leading the Canada Water megascheme


Net zero and the social housing sector: Optivo case study


Building Boardroom’s exclusive Net Zero Report continues with a further case study, this time on Optivo, to find out how the zero carbon agenda is affecting the social housing sector

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Net zero and the logistics sector: Prologis case study


Building Boardroom’s exclusive Net Zero Report continues with a series of case studies into companies from different sectors of the built environment. Here, we look at distribution centre developer Prologis


Net zero – where are we up to so far?


With the built environment contributing over 40% of UK emissions, the sector must act fast to meet government targets – as well as occupier demands – on zero carbon. This first section offers a summary of the findings of our exclusive net zero report


What is net zero?


It can be hard to get to grips with the changing new emissions targets for the built environment. Never fear: here’s all you need to know


Net zero – how are we going to get there?


What kinds of methods can reduce emissions in both offices and – the biggest problem for retrofitting – also homes? And what are the costs involved?