CIBSE has launched its ‘100 Hours of Carbon Clean Up’ campaign, which aims to encourage companies to cut carbon emissions.

This year the initiative is challenging UK organisations to pledge 100 hours of staff time to commit to carbon reduction activities, assigning one member of staff as their designated ‘low carbon champion’.

The launch comes on the back of two successive years of the ‘100 Days of Carbon Clean Up’ campaign, which last year saw 700 organisations sign up to the initiative.

Speaking to BSJonline, director of information for CIBSE, Jacqueline Balian said: “The feedback we got about the 100 days idea was that it was too long a time for companies to devote time to but too small to do an annual review. So we decided this time to get companies to assign one person to do 100 hours…if that person can devote that amount of time and make a difference we hope it will inspire those around them to keep that momentum going.”

The companies which sign up to the campaign will have until the end of November to teach their 100 hours target.