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    Steady as she goes- Budget 2012


    What does Osborne's latest Budget mean for public sector organisations across the country?

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    Should UK consultants keep flying the Union Jack?


    Desperate to do most of their work overseas, will UK construction companies be able to hang on to a valued British brand?

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    Delivering Change - Public Sector in 2011


    There are positive signs going into 2011, but there is no doubt the year will be a challenging time for all public sector organisations as they try to deliver better public services more efficiently. Bold leadership will be needed to drive through initiatives to enable these efficiencies.

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    Lib Dems pick a row over education


    Passions run high at the Lib Dem conference in Liverpool as they debate free schools and the ’new’ academies

  • Graham Kean

    Emergency Budget: impact on built assets


    The new Budget’s efficiency measures and tax rises aim to address the deficit, but what does it mean for built assets?

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    The end is nigh?


    If two consecutive quarters of declining GDP is most economists’ definition of a recession; how come only one quarter’s growth at 0.1% seems good enough to mark the end of it?Regardless of the semantics; yesterday’s announcement of the provisional return of economic growth does illustrate the remaining fragility of the ...

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    Chancellor starts race to General Election


    In today’s Pre Budget Report, Alistair Darling has set out a continued commitment to existing investment in education, health and other major public sector programmes for the foreseeable future. As expected, he is protecting major high-profile programmes, but this will inevitably need to be paid for by deeper cuts elsewhere.There ...

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    Musings from the Tory conference


    David Cameron’s rousing finale to this year’s Conservative Party Conference – focused on family, community and country and highlighted health, regeneration, education and housing. The importance for our sectors in focusing on the benefits of investment in infrastructure, and the role of built assets in enabling efficiency, rather than ...