Cuddly toys from Rok and Geberit Terrain are compromising construction’s hard-man image.

This week Building got wind of not one but two construction firms attempting to win over hearts and minds with cuddly toys.

First we hear that contractor Rok has been handing out teddy bears to hard nosed City analysts. The polypropylene-stuffed 6in bears come complete with trendy white sweatshirts inscriped with the words “Rok me gently”. The giveaway is not entirely inappropriate - in the last four years Rok’s market value has grown from £7m to a bearish £100m.

Swiss plumbing and drainage giant Geberit Terrain is making an even more determined effort to soften up its customers. It has entrusted an army of green moles to promote the Geberit brand at builders' merchants across the UK. The portly little fellows will be promoting a range of rainwater, soil and waste, and HDPE pipework.

The happy plumbers are pictured at one last get-together before being parachuted into merchants across the UK. They might not be so smiley if they knew their probably fate – namely being tied to the front grill of dirty great van.