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    Infrastructure Bill: More moral fibre, please


    The government has withdrawn amendments that would have made life less risky for those introducing broadband fibre. The onus is on developers to act themselves

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    Commitment issues


    Helen Garthwaite and Brad Fearn The carbon trading scheme was launched last week, and you need to know what the new rules could mean for you – including who will pay for it all

  • Helen Garthwaite

    Sustainability legislation: A green path to recovery?


    Sustainability seems to have dropped off the agenda somewhat since the recession, but research has revealed that there is still an appetite in the industry for green solutions

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    Worse than triffids: Japanese knotweed


    Clauses relating to Japanese knotweed still feature in construction contracts despite the arrival of killer bugs

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    Supercasinos: Manchester’s legal gamble


    Manchester council says it may sue over the decision to axe the supercasino. But will it succeed? And what are the wider questions for construction?

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    Bespoke and be damned


    In the latest of our series on tricky terms and perplexing conditions, Helen Garthwaite looks at bespoke clauses to extend a contractor’s right to payment – and why they are likely to fall down

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    Traps on the money trail


    Killer clauses In the latest of our series on tricky terms and perplexing conditions, Helen Garthwaite looks at the pitfalls that may be concealed in the wording of a bonus mechanism

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    The devil in the detail


    Heard the one about the contractor/consultant/client laid low by a few innocent-sounding sentences in their contract? In the first of a series, Helen Garthwaite looks at a cap on liability

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    Dont get burned this October


    Helen Garthwaite, partner in law firm Taylor Wessing, takes a look at the fire regulations and the issues set to face the industry when the latest changes are implemented this autumn

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    Taking the easy way out


    Cynics in the mediation fraternity have raised doubts that TCC judges will be any good as mediators, but unhappy souls embroiled in litigation may have another view

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    Get the message?


    It seems harsh to say that the failure to answer an email, because you dismissed it as spam, can lead to defeat in an arbitration case. But it's true

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    Studying the form


    This year the JCT caused quite a stir when it decided to revamp its entire suite of contracts (see Building, 24 June), but it’s the changes to the design contracts – Design and Build Contract and the Intermediate Contract with Design – that have created most interest.

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    Spoilt for choice


    At last we have a contract that caters for third-party rights, but this extra option in the new JCT design-and-build contract could pose a problem

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    Spirit of the games


    Over the next seven years, can the construction industry finally ditch its adversarial reputation and embrace the ideals of the Olympic movement?

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    Check it out


    The revamped JCT suite of contracts has finally begun to arrive. So what’s changed, what’s stayed the same – and what do you have to look out for?