One-stop-shop for fire, security, BMS controls and data cabling

M&E and FM contractor Integral has launched a new division to offer a single point of delivery for the specialist services of fire prevention and protection, security systems, building management systems (BMS) and data.

Integral Technical Services (ITS) offers clients a fully-integrated single-supplier service. The company aims to deliver both cost savings and save the untimely hassle of dealing with separate companies for different services.

Each building project is different, so ITS has been designed so that clients can pick and choose one or all of the services to meet their requirements.

Brian Wilson, had of ITS, said: “I’ve seen for myself on many building sites the waste and duplication which takes place when lots of subcontractors are working away in isolation on their separate projects, seemingly lacking any co-ordination or common purpose.

“We offer main management contractors, consultants and architects a fully-integrated solution to design and install fire prevention and protection, security systems, BMS and data cabling. We will, therefore, take full responsibility for our co-ordinated package of works and the inter links between each of the systems.

“Clearly if we can offer our integrated solutions at a design stage the process of installing various high-tech systems can be done in a much simpler and economical way, saving the client time and money without compromising quality.”

Wilson added that many of Integral’s national clients were “frustrated” by being forced to spend time and money dealing with a variety of specialist external suppliers for their fire, security, BMS and data cabling needs, plus the added burden of finding someone to co-ordinate the installation of all those varied systems.

“Central to our new division is that we employ our own team of experts in each area and also have our own installation specialists,” he said.

“Our independence also means we will only advise clients on the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions, rather than trying to sell them the products of a particular supplier, as many companies have to.

“For customers who need a mix of these specialist services we take the headache out of the process by appointing a contract management team to control the design, installation and commissioning, thereby creating a holistic, cost-effective and co-ordinated service.”

He added: If required by the end user client, we can then maintain the services through directly employed Integral technicians who will be familiarised with the systems, negating any possible conflict between the installation and maintenance contractors.”