M&E specialist looking to growing green agenda

Sustainability is the driving force behind a new service offering developed by m&e specialist EIC. Experts have been drawn from departments across the company to form the dedicated Sustainable Solutions team.

The working group is made up of directors, chartered electrical and mechanical engineers, designers, business development managers and sustainability specialists. It has a manifesto to find the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative for its clients and is currently reviewing all tenders and long-term projects to ensure energy efficiency is taken into consideration from the outset.

Keen to use its expertise to help clients achieve high BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) ratings, the team is keeping up to date with the ever increasing amount of environmental regulation and legislation designed to meet the UK’s climate change targets. By incorporating simple solutions such as low energy lighting, natural heating and ventilation, and smart technologies, business can save money and help cut the national carbon footprint.

Ian Lyall, joint managing director, said EIC offers more than the traditional m&e contractor. He said: “We need to be brought into the process as early as possible to ensure we have an impact on the planning and design to make sure energy saving is high on the agenda.

“By encouraging clients to consider the various options we can have a real impact on the future energy consumption, and therefore potential BREEAM rating, of the development. Although requiring a higher initial capital outlay, the estimated payback time is coming down as the cost of energy continues to rise. The long-term benefits are starting to become more obvious and clients are now coming to us to provide sustainable solutions.

“Clients are looking for contractors not only with a green conscience but with genuine environmental credentials to back it up. The development of the Sustainable Solutions teams demonstrates EIC’s commitment to energy saving on behalf of ourselves and our clients.”

BREEAM is the widely accepted standard for the environmental performance of buildings, in terms of their design and management, and offers five quality standard ratings- pass, good, very good, excellent and outstanding. EIC is already achieving a rating of “very good” with the majority of current projects and is working towards the “excellent” standard for future contracts. The company is undertaking the £1.2m electrical installation contract at the BREEAM “excellent” Calthorpe House in Edgbaston, Birmingham.