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    Housing market: more stable but still fragile


    Prices shouldn't fall too much in 2011 provided interest rates and unemployment doesn't rise

  • Brian Green

    House prices flatline in a fragile market, but what does this mean for construction?


    House prices are stable but that doesn’t mean an upward supply of housing

  • Brain Green

    It's not looking good for house prices in 2011


    House prices dropped by 1.6% in 2010 and will continue falling according to Halifax figures

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    The problem with surprises on inflation


    Could it be that we are about to witness the beginnings of widening concerns over rising inflation? The Consumer Prices Index “surprise” jump to 3.7% yesterday will certainly increase rumblings in the markets and elsewhere. Although for the time being I suspect attention will be more focused on June ...

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    The big question for Mr Shapps


    I would like to be among those welcoming Grant Shapps to his new role as housing minister and wishing him well. I must admit I have not been particularly kind to his ideas to date. It’s my job to be critical I guess. But for the record I do have ...

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    We're back to double-digit growth in house prices, oh dear


    House prices are booming again, crack open the champagne! Well maybe not. If I was a house builder reading the latest survey from the Nationwide building society showing a double-digit rise in prices over the past year (see graph) I would be worried. Looking at my short-term prospects, naturally ...

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    Latest construction forecasts suggest there is more to fear than hope for


    The latest round of forecasting by construction experts paints a picture little changed from three months ago with little hope of significant growth, much uncertainty and the risks to growth heavily weighted on the down side. The general pattern they expect can be seen from the graph (right). It shows ...

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    More home sellers, fewer home letters - a housing market in flux


    How should we read yesterday’s Rightmove figures showing the slowest ever March pick up in asking prices? They appear to be consistent with much of what else we are seeing in the market – a growing body of evidence that the recent bounce back in the housing market is ...

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    Was it just the cold or is it a relapse?


    There are plenty of people, “experts” indeed, who fully expect a double-dip recession for both the economy and, for that matter, house prices. For them the data emerging for January’s performance appears to be, albeit gently, vindicating their position. They will no doubt seize with alacrity the retail figures from ...

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    The cruelty of breeding force-fed first-time buyers


    Here's a question that goes right to the heart of current housing policy: Should we be using incentives as readily as we are to encourage first-time buyers onto the property ladder? However iconoclastic or contrary this question may seem, it needs to be asked. There is so much at stake. ...