ECA’s Commercial Contracts & Legal Department (CCL) is offering a confidential free service to members who are thinking of disposing of their businesses or looking to expand by acquiring existing businesses.

CCL is able to act as the intermediary between two organisations, the potential seller and the potential buyer, where both members’ names and identifying features are withheld until such time as they agree for that information to be released to the other.

Those who are looking to acquire a business should provide details regarding the type of company that is of interest, together with its location.

These particulars will then be added to CCL’s database. When notification is received by a member who is looking to dispose of a business that meets this specification, an outline description of that business will be passed on with their permission.

At this point, the identification of either party will not be revealed to the other one.

If both parties wish to proceed, CCL will arrange for the appropriate contact details to be mutually exchanged.

To maintain confidentiality, all correspondence should be addressed to the head of the CCL department and marked ‘strictly confidential, addressee only’.

HVCA operates a similar service for the mechanical sector.

This means that CCL is able to liaise when a member in one discipline is looking to expand into the other discipline.