Jackie Sadek

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    Two become one


    Can the Tories find a way of merging the two housing agencies as well as maintaining an efficient service

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    Conservative housing policy: The guessing game:


    The Tories’ latest statements about greenfield development have been contradictory. So until they make up their minds, it’s up to local authorities to take a more definite view

  • Closed all hours: about 19,000 retail outlets have shut down so far this year

    Quality streets


    Shops are closing and the high street is in decline. But it’s time to stop mourning the loss

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    Time for the industry to regenerate


    There are obviously difficult times ahead, but the launch of the HCA brings with it an opportunity for the regeneration sector to evolve

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    Off their trolleys


    The Competition Commission wants to make the Office of Fair Trading a statutory consultee on supermarket schemes – which is a splendid way to make regeneration even more difficult, says Jackie Sadek

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    Let the bad times roll


    Amid all the talk of credit crunch, downturns and recession, this could actually be a great opportunity to look at urban regeneration a little differently.

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    From where I’m sitting …


    Can we deliver the Thames Gateway – and what will it look like in 2026?