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    Hot spots and packed pubs on St Patrick's day


    Last night was a busy one. The evening kicked off with a catch up with Archial for a Building Buys a Pint. Within 5 minites if sitting down i had heard one of the greatest mipim stories yet. You'll have to read the issue of Building out the week after ...

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    Missed meetings, quay contacts and Lovell's expensive mistake


    Just had my first early morning meeting cancelled through the other party still being in bed. I'll spare the blushes of the high profile consultant and regeneration magazine contributor involved as, on reflection, its completely my own fault. It's a rookie error to assume that an 8.30 breakfast meeting on ...

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    Mipim: Yachts deter quangoes despite promise of deals


    A surprise deal to rescue the development prospects for the Olympic site after the 2012 games was the big news to attempt to bring to life the Mipim annual property conference in Cannes. Announced by London mayor Boris Johnson on Tuesday, the deal follows a year of negotiations between the ...