Just had my first early morning meeting cancelled through the other party still being in bed. I'll spare the blushes of the high profile consultant and regeneration magazine contributor involved as, on reflection, its completely my own fault. 

It's a rookie error to assume that an 8.30 breakfast meeting on Thursday at Mipim is ever going to happen. What was I thinking?  

Questions were being asked under the trade descriptions act last night by guest regarding law firm Lovells' Mipim boat party. In actual fact it was a party on the quayside near a boat, which no-one was allowed on.

And very nice it was too (both boat and shore party). Nevertheless some were disappointed about the lack of access. Well you can't please everybody.

Maybe Lovells are still smarting from the time five years ago when their boat was raided by uniformed French police after they failed to pay the Reed Midem tax for being part of the show?  

...And on that subject, the levels to which Mipim organisers Reed Midem are going to ensure everyone single last visitor to Cannes this week pays their bit is a major talking point again this year. This is particularly in the light of Reed winning approximately £150k from agent Drivers Jonas from suing them for setting up stall in a cafe down the road, rather than taking a paid-for stand in the bunker.

Many think Reed are just being greedy, going to huge lengths to ensure the Cannes Sea front becomes effectively a no-go zone for non-badge wearers during the week. For example guests wanting to use the bar in the Majestic hotel were also being turned away this week if they weren't sporting the ubiquitous Mipim pass.

I can understand why it must frustrate the organisers so much to see others taking a free ride on the event they've spent years creating, but there is definitely an issue about the privatisation of public space going on here.

The worst example - albeit a rumour - doing the rounds this week, is that half of those who had spent a week raising thousands of pounds for charity by cycling to Cannes, were denied their chance to get officially welcomed by mayor Boris Johnson at the London stand (admittedly a somewhat dubious pleasure), because they simply hadn't had time to collect their tickets. Reed simply wouldn't make an exception to let them in. I think it's time to lighten up.  

Had dinner with a property finance director from Barclays last night. My first question: "So have you got any money then?" was apparently not a novel one to him. "If I had a penny for every time someone asked me that, I could pay for my flight home," he said, wearily. Time to come up with some more imaginative questions i think.