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    Losing out


    Mirza & Nacey Research has compiled the first-ever survey of QSs’ fees – and it doesn’t make happy reading.

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    Top 250 consultants


    Building's league table of Britain's top architects, engineers and surveyors is back, with a new section on the highest fee earners. Where do you come?

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    1999 architects' fees survey


    Architects' charges are closer to physiotherapists' than solicitors'. A new study by Mirza and Nacey Research shows that fees are inching up, but after seven years spent qualifying, is an average of £55 an hour a fair rate?

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    The strength of Sampson


    Claire Sampson, production director on the Millennium Dome, is a cool operator. Which is just as well, as she's co-ordinating the backstage elements for the whole shebang …

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    One up at half time


    Coventry City has a mountain to climb – a £122m stadium, a controversial site and Cardiff’s example of what can go wrong still fresh in the memory. The good news is that, so far, it’s all working out.

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    Alun Michael


    As "prime minister" of Wales, Alun Michael holds the purse strings for development in the country. But will the man once called "Tony Blair's poodle" boost or curtail it?

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    Life after Rogers


    When architect Pierre Botschi was made redundant after 14 years with Richard Rogers, he found the going tough – until he met interiors specialist Jack Pringle and moved into hotels.

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    International salary guide


    Fancy a stint working abroad? Find out what the pay and perks are in nine countries across Europe and the Far East in this year’s Hays Montrose/Building international salary guide.

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    Artists in hard hats


    The idea of bringing an artist into the construction team might seem a little surreal, but they can add an extra dimension to a design – with or without an architect.

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    Timber’s back in the frame


    A damning TV documentary on timber-frame homes sent the English and Welsh market into a downward spiral. Now it’s making a comeback – but with a new twist.

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    John McCarthy


    He trained as a carpenter but before you could say "self-starter", the McCarthy & Stone boss had earned his first million. Now his retirement homebuilding business makes profits that turn contractors green with envy.

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    Helping hands


    How MDA and Mansell are advising black firms in a new scheme to tackle racism in the industry

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    Landmark arts, leisure, retail and social developments are bringing the North-east to life –but is there enough bread-and-butter work to keep local firms in business?

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    The QS: a profession on the brink


    Change or die. That's the message to QSs from the biggest survey ever carried out among the profession. The survivors will be those that adapt their skills and services to the new world.

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    Purging the industry of racism


    Construction is not renowned for its political correctness. But racism is more insidious than bigoted on-site banter – other industries employ 70% more black and Asian workers than construction. What is the industry doing about it?

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    Construction's devolution wishlist


    The UK is on the brink of one of the most important constitutional reforms this century. What might the benefits be for the industry?

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    The roaring twenties


    1999's Hays Montrose/Building consultants salary guide suggests that if you're young and gifted, the chances are you're also getting richer in a hurry. Engineers and architectural technologists are included for the first time.

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    Pedalling your wares


    Cycle and car-parts retailer Halfords has plans for 15 new stores worth £500 000 each this year. How can you become a preferred contractor or consultant?

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    Gonks, gifts and guided tours


    National Construction Week is back. This time the industry plans to use hands-on events and freebies to convince the media and public that there’s more to building than wet concrete.

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    Arup plans first 'integrated' office


    Multidisciplinary firm to develop office campus HQ at Blythe Valley business park near Solihull.

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