The ECA has announced the opening of a new branch in its North Wales region to service impressive growth in membership figures of more than 50% in the past five years.

The new branch opens in early 2009 and will be chaired by Andy Basham of Bangor-based Owen & Palmer.

David Pollock, chief executive officer at the ECA, commented: “This is welcome and exciting news for our members in the North Wales region, and indeed for the ECA as a whole.

“The ongoing growth in membership and subsequent opening of the new branch highlights that displaying best business practice and differentiating yourself from the competition remains important to many businesses across the country. It may even be more relevant in the current economic climate.”

Benefits of the new branch will include regional meetings for the exchange of views, news and information, with the potential for sharing business or partnering opportunities.

The ECA intends that it will provide valuable networking opportunities for members in the area, alongside access to technical and commercial advice.

Tony Cooke, the ECA’s North Wales regional manager, said: “From sole traders and small businesses to companies with multi-million-pound turnovers, an increasing number of contractors in the area are recognising that ECA membership can provide real business benefits.”