Why, hello there, dear reader. As Euro 2004 is upon us, I have decided that a football theme is in order this week.
Some might argue that this is an unimaginative choice, but I would counter that I am simply demonstrating the pragmatic nous of a Patrick Viera, rather than the wasted élan of a Kieron Dyer …

Deep into injury time, it seems that building services outfit Wigmore Group has pulled it out of the bag.

Wigmore had suffered a suspension of its alternative investment market shares while it sorted out its finances. It has now overturned this suspension after raising £2.23m through a new financing package. The move was necessary after Wigmore's bank said it was no longer willing to provide lending facilities to the company.

The chaps and chapettes in the City were not interested in Wigmore's return, and the company dropped points – its share price dived 73.2% last week to 0.5p.

Wigmore's problems look likely to continue – it announced that its results for the current financial year are likely to be similar to Spain's over the next few weeks – below expectations.

Balfour Beatty is more of a France. It seems to be walking on water, with chunky sales here and big buys there. It recently bought Skanska's 50% stake in Hong Kong contractor Gammon for £36m, which seems a bargain given that it is a £500m-turnover business.

But as in football, so in the market– unexpected results occur despite strong positions. By full-time Friday, Balfour had slipped 0.7% to 248p.

Italy to win Euro 2004 … and McCarthy & Stone’s recent share buy-back to drive up its price

Hunch of the week

If Balfour is indeed the France of the stock market, who is the England? Well, it would have to be a fairly solid, straightforward lot … How about Kier? Low margins, but they grind out the results, much like Sven's lot.

Unfortunately, Kier made a bit of a Phil Neville-like slip this week, falling 1% to 622.5p.

Although I would not compare most of the chaps and chapettes in the City to football hooligans, I do feel that I should give them a similar warning to the one Sven gave those yobs: behave.

How can equipment hire group Speedy Hire have gone up only 1.9%? Surely if ever a team deserved promotion, it is this one. Last week it produced yet another fine result with a pre-tax profit of £20m.