Architect HTA has settled its lawsuit against the developers of the Greenwich Millennium Village out of court. The settlement comes almost three years to the day since it was sacked from the £250m scheme.
HTA was trying to sue Countryside Properties and Taylor Woodrow for £4m in lost earnings, damages and unpaid fees.

Part of the practice’s case crumbled earlier this year after it failed in court to establish that a contract existed when HTA was sacked.

Neither party would confirm the details of the deal. A spokesperson for the consortium said: “The agreement effectively covers the whole case.”

Last year, HTA’s solicitor issued a writ claiming £900,000 in unpaid invoices and £3.2m in future design work. But Judge Richard Seymour ruled the written communication between HTA and the consortium in November 1997 did not amount to a contract – which meant that HTA was unable to sue for a breach of it.