The Town and Country Planning Association has pleaded with the government to allow the proposed planning gain supplement to be levied locally.

TCPA director Gideon Amos, who appeared before the House of Commons' ODPM select committee on Monday, said there should be "local gain for local pain". The committee is investigating the development tax, which was proposed by chancellor Gordon Brown in his pre-Budget statement last November.

Amos said that although the TCPA supported the principle of recycling land values to fund infrastructure, it would not back the supplement until more details, such as the rate of tax, were known.

In his evidence to the committee Amos called for the ODPM:

  • To draw back section 106 as part of any introduction of the supplement.
  • To ensure that the delivery of homes and sustainable development are not compromised.
  • To ensure local authorities receive 70-80% of revenues raised. The remaining revenue should fund regional infrastructure projects or brownfield land reclamation.
The supplement has also come under fire from the RICS and the British Property Federation, which have warned that it will jeopardise the delivery affordable homes.

Both organisations have expressed fears that the lack of political consensus over the supplement means that landowners will hold back potential development land in the belief that the next government will reverse the measure.