British contractors are preparing for two international conferences next month in Jordan, focusing on the reconstruction of Iraq.
The first conference called, Iraq: A Nation to be Rebuilt, from 9-11 December, is being organised by the Middle East Association, a body that assists UK companies in finding contracts in the Middle East.

The conference, at the Four Seasons hotel in Amman, is for British companies. It is supported by UK Trade and Investment, an arm of the DTI that assists UK exporters.

Up to 50 construction companies are expected to attend. They will aim to strike up relationships with officials from the Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraqi Governing Council.

British companies will also be interested in the International Industrial Exhibition for Rebuilding Iraq. This will take place in Amman from 14-18 December.

This second conference will also focus on reconstruction but involve officials from the USA, UK, Poland, Italy and Turkey, as well as UN officials and Iraqi businessmen from Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk.