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  • Brian Green

    Housing market hits a boggy patch


    Measures recorded by the RICS and Hometrack surveys point to tough conditions for those looking to sell homes

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    Is the housing market on the turn again?


    Today’s release by the surveyors’ body RICS of its latest housing market survey provides a little bit of support to both sides of the will-they-won’t-they debate on house price rises. Looked at nationally, the broad measures of estate agents experiences and expectations of house prices remain positive. A majority of ...

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    Pundits on balance point to flat house prices in 2010


    It's the time of the year for reflections, resolutions and prognostications. And what can be more fun than guessing the likely path of house prices? Well I can think of a few things. And I'm also left wondering why anyone would wish to state a house price forecast publicly and ...

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    Christmas sales come to the housing market


    It's the run up to Christmas and we're in a recession - well if not technically, we're definitely suffering from the recession - so don't be surprised to see redundancies on the rise and asking prices for homes on the decline. It is the nature of things. And in this ...

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    The trouble with house prices


    I read with interest recently the CEBR 's predictions for the total fall in house prices and when it expects the turnaround to come and that got me thinking on the topic of house prices in general. The basic problem with house prices is, whose do you use? The ones ...