Shy Jackson 

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    How to claim interest


    There is no common-law right to interest when someone is late paying you, so providing for it in the contract is best. Even without that, you’ve still got a fighting chance

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    Face the facts


    Part eight of the civil procedure rules is a useful tool for getting the court to make a declaration in your favour - but not if there is a dispute over what actually happened

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    What do you mean, ‘as far as possible’?


    The Supreme Court has been looking at how to interpret words. It favours looking at commercial intention rather than literal meaning – but are intentions any easier to fathom?

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    Let’s be reasonable


    Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways not to pay out on their policies, but that may be about to change

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    Know your limits


    The Law Commission wants a rethink of the law on limitations and this year you are invited to comment on the proposals. So here’s what they’re about…