Tanya Ross

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    On being bothered


    To turn up late to a meeting is to waste time, money and goodwill. It also creates the impression of laziness and arrogance. So why does everyone keep doing it?

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    Let's talk rubbish


    The problem raised by the disposal of commodities after consumption is as nothing compared with the problem raised by people who seek to prevent that disposal

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    All the difference


    It doesn't just make you feel all warm and gooey – a bit of gratitude is worth as much as hard cash if it helps you with marketing, productivity, legal disputes, morale …

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    Construction idol


    Channel 4's Demolition Day proves that our appetite for reality TV knows no bounds … and that even experts in the building trade can develop a taste for showbiz

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    The accidental tourist


    Instead of despairing when the next Tube strike hits, Londoners should slip on their walking shoes and experience the pleasures of a long, slow look at their city

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    Regulations: Spelling it out


    Across-the-board revisions to the Building Regulations are going to have a dramatic effect on every specifier this summer. Buro Happold's Tanya Ross talks us through the new approved documents – including those in Scotland and Northern Ireland – from A to V

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    Engineers anonymous


    Given that construction has contributed so much to the environment and the economy, why are we all so embarrassed to admit that we're part of it?

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    Be braver


    Britain's proud reputation for cutting edge design is in danger of being stifled by an increasingly risk-averse society and pressure from the insurance giants

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    Dear John


    Construction is a 'people' business that doesn't really care about people at all – until they break down. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring that home …

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    Sticking to it


    Making unrealistic promises leads to a domino effect of missed deadlines, bitter wrangles and wrecked projects. Keeping to agreed delivery dates engenders trust

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    Speak English!


    Acronyms and abbreviations are part of life in the industry, but there are signs that communication is beginning to crumble under the sheer weight of jargon

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    Down with woolly briefs


    Tanya Ross - A clear, well-written brief, gleaned from asking a host of pertinent questions, is the surest way the design team can protect and satisfy the client

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    No more hot air


    Everyone's talking about Part L, but what do the changes really mean? Find out how the proposed energy regulations will affect you and what the industry has to say about them

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    Are we going to be PC?


    First person Prime contracting is set to revolutionise procurement in this country. So, why do so few of us know so little about it?