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    IR35: Is this the end of the road for the freelance?


    New rules for off-payroll consultants are sending shockwaves through the industry – with some predicting blanket bans on the use of freelancers on projects

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    How worrying is the latest jump in inflation?


    The potential for an upward spiral is unsettling

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    Tax, tax, tax and more tax – a rallying cry for construction


    This is a rant. Why? Because I can't help myself. I tried to hold back. I read the first three chapters of the Low Carbon Construction Innovation Growth Team emerging findings and I am now deeply saddened. I didn’t bother with the remaining chapters, but did eyeball ...

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    A common disaster


    The Construction Confederation has gone bust, leaving a £20m deficit in its pension fund and hundreds of people who stand to lose up to 70% of their retirement income . The situation is extremely depressing for those affected, but it’s not a scandal. It’s not a tale of incompetence or ...

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    Turning navvies into staff


    In parts, the industry still resembles the one depicted in McAlpine’s Fusiliers. Can it be turned into one that is truly professional – where workers all pay tax and where it’s no more acceptable for someone to be killed than it is in a well-run factory? One reason for thinking ...