Bright young thing Andrew Pearson is a fan of share dealing websites (though his investment in Michael Jackson tickets proved unrewarding) his iPhone and Eminem

Favourite website?

I don’t really have a favourite in as much as I don’t go home at night and log on to one particular internet site – my interests are wide and varied. I supposed if I were pushed, I’d say Wikipedia as I think it represents the true essence of the internet. What I use the internet for mostly is share trading (trying to get some benefit out of the “recession”!), so the following are in frequent use:,,

Favourite gadget?

My iPhone – it really is genius. What makes it better than any other gadget is it’s so easy to use. I suppose that’s because it’s fully designed by Apple, who don’t just pull their products together. I like to think of Buro Happold as being the Apple of the building industry.

Most useful website for work?

Google. Not a website? OK, the Buro Happold home page, then. Honestly, it’s really useful for work.

Last track you downloaded?

Eminem’s new album. He’s a genius. Offensive, yes, but then that’s the point. Most importantly, he has a real passion behind his music. It’s not engineered.

Subject of the last email you received?

I was complimented as a “bright young thing” – and then asked to fill out a questionnaire!

Social networking or face-to-face?

Face-to-face. Social networking is OK but more for finding old friends than meeting people.

Favourite blogger?

I don’t have a favourite. I’ll try to read a selection and form my own “blog”.

Best link you’ve been sent?

That’s quite a question. Type “Italian prime minister traffic warden” into YouTube.

What was the last thing you bought online?

Michael Jackson tickets.

Funniest piece of spam?

Spam? If only I had time to read it. Probably would have been X-rated, anyway…