Government's ECO cuts '£250m deeper than first thought'

16 Apr 14 | By Vern Pitt

Analysis by the Association for the Conservation of Energy finds that bonus credits will wipe more off scheme’s value than government predicted


McGee worker killed after digger falls through floor

15 Apr 14 | By Allister Hayman

Contractor McGee confirms one of its workers died on Grovesnor Square building site


Information watchdog halts search for blacklist victims

15 Apr 14 | By Allister Hayman

Information Commissioner’s Office will not be writing to around 2,000 workers whose names were on infamous blacklist after failing to obtain up-to-date details


Worker dies on central London building site

15 Apr 14 | By Allister Hayman

A worker has died on a construction site in Grosvenor Square, central London, following the partial collapse of a building

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John Sinfield

CPA appoints Knauf man as chairman

23 Apr 14

John Sinfield replaces Geoff Cooper in the role

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Salary surveys

housebuilders salaries

Housebuilders' salary survey 2013

12 Dec 13

Over a few short months, the housebuilding industry has moved from stagnation to skills crisis, with firms paying staggering bonuses to hang on to staff. Here are the findings of the Building/PSD Group 2013 housebuilders’ salary survey

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Stephanie Canham

Overseas investors: Biting the hands that feed us

22 Apr 14 | By Stephanie Canham

Don’t blame developers and foreign investment for housing shortage

Alastair Young

Adjudicator jurisdiction: Between a rock and a hard place

17 Apr 14 | By Alastair Young

A case from January illustrates the potential difficulties of seeking to limit the jurisdiction of an adjudicator and how, consequently, their decision may be wider than expected

James Bessey

Forum shopping: Retail therapy

15 Apr 14 | By James Bessey

Tempting as it may be to shop around for your preferred adjudicator, the courts won’t look kindly on it - and you might end up with a longer dispute than you bargained for

Ann Mingoue

Guaranteeing the guarantees

9 Apr 14 | By Ann Minogue

What happens when a firm agrees to deliver a bond or collateral warranty and then fails to do so? Mr Justice Ramsey, it seems, thinks ordering specific performance may be a solution

Steven Carey

Third party funding: A third wheel?

7 Apr 14 | By Steven Carey

Stopjoin Projects Ltd vs Balfour Beatty Engineering Services highlights issues which arise when third parties get involved in financing construction companies

Robert Blundell

Offshore wind power: Winds of change

7 Apr 14 | By Robert Blundell

Legal and regulatory hurdles are making offshore wind power unneccessarily expensive. Before the next round of projects is procured, we need to cut the costs in half

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Rsks associated with modern methods of construction

CPD 5 2014: Risks associated with modern methods of construction

28 February 2014

This module examines the best ways to manage the risks associated with MMC during the design and construction process. It is sponsored by LABC Warranty

The Dali system at the LMB in Cambridge includes presence detectors and multisensors that link to both the lighting and HVAC controls

CPD 4 2014: Dali and integrated building services

28 February 2014

This module explains the applications of the open protocol for digital lighting, and its integration into a building-wide open system. It is sponsored by Delmatic

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Trouble at the top

Trouble at the top

10 Apr 14

Bad managers can have a big impact on staff morale and productivity levels, and they could even pose a serious threat to the industry’s upturn. So why are there so many of them?

news analysis paper people

Skills shortages: Let the right ones in

20 Feb 14

With the upturn in work has come predictions of a skills shortage. But the CIC’s Jack Pringle thinks the need for architects, QSs and engineers is already so critical that we should be sourcing them from outside the UK and Europe

career landscape

Careers: Should I stay or should I go?

31 Jan 14

For young UK construction professionals looking with gloom at this country’s embattled industry, overseas work has long seemed a tempting prospect. But as work here picks up, can the UK retain and even regain its skilled staff? Mike Brown reports

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The Beacon Centre in Blackburn

First Impressions: DLA's Beacon Centre

Building’s student panel from Nottingham Trent share their thoughts on the building in Blackburn

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