Elcomponent’s latest product, the SPC Pro, is a three-phase energy datalogger with a difference.

The unit is supplied with a matched set of internally powered flex-type current transformers which, combined with a new auto-ranging feature, provides accurate readings from less than 2 A up to 2000 A.

Although it is anticipated that the instrument will normally be mains-connected to provide a measurement voltage as well as a power supply, the SPC Pro has an integral rechargeable battery that has a life of several weeks, according to the manufacturer, so the unit can also be used as a battery-powered logger.

The unit’s greatest advantage, however, is its simplicity. The combination of auto-ranging and automatic phase sensing means no set-up is necessary beyond deciding on storage rate, although a large memory means changes in this area are seldom required. Elcomponent says the unit is accurate, reliable, low-cost and easy to use.

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