There appears to be no end to the mileage that some women are extracting from the broad policy set out by the Labour administration

Not content with outnumbering men in the marketplace and receiving benefits and support that men are not entitled to, it beggars belief there is any avarice left in women at all. But apparently there is.

Over the past decade the cry has gone out that men are keeping women out of: the property profession, construction industry, financial industry, food production industry, agriculture. And so the list goes on. Women have attained their status in these professions through their own volition and will continue to do so. Now they have the added advantage of positive discrimination.

The construction industry is an industry that women have, by and large, been content to be free of. Their presence now is only the result of hard work. To suggest that now a woman president would have any more beneficial influence is wholly fallacious. So what there was only one woman medallist in last year’s Construction Manager of the Year Awards. What does that indicate? Do women want medals?

It is extraordinary that you insinuate that they are not ‘seduced’ back into work. If they do not come back into work perhaps they do not have the desire to do so.

I feel the constant criticism and rounded attacks on the male working population is having a counter-productive effect and will serve to lower, rather than increase, morale.