The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) is putting pressure on the Government to implement a mandatory registration scheme for the companies and individuals who work with F-Gas.

ACRIB is looking to generate support across the industry following DEFRA's consultation on further implementation measures on F-Gases and Ozone Depleting Substance Regulations.

The organisation is calling for a compulsory, centralised scheme whereby companies apply for membership and are registered with REFCOM, the current voluntary scheme for the heating and ventilation industry which ACRIB believes is fit for purpose on an industry-wide scale.

It is hoped that this approach could also root out unscrupulous practitioners by making the details of those registered available to view online.

Speaking to BSJonline Mike Nankivell, ACRIB F Gas Implementation group chairman, said: “What we did as an industry was work with DEFRA and the commission to encourage the regulation to include a requirement for a company registration scheme. This was generally accepted through Europe but the form varied from state to state."

Nankivell continued: “What we’re looking to do in addition to this, which the Government is a bit hesitant to do, is to introduce an individual registration scheme, complimentary to the company scheme, which is called the ACRIB register. So REFCOM would hold the register of companies, dealing with the handling of refrigerants and the ACRIB register would hold all the individuals qualified to handle those refrigerants.”

Membership would be renewable every 3-5 years, meaning that those registered can stay informed of industry developments, training and legislation changes.

There are “ongoing” discussions with Government, but ACRIB hopes that pending a review over the coming months, a mandatory system of registration will be in place by February next year.