A range of switches and switch accessories has been launched by ABB under the Concept BS brand. The range includes switches, socket outlets, dimmers and motion detectors

Key to the range is a slim switch measuring 1.2 cm across that allows more space in the wallbox for wiring connections. ABB has included silver-nickel alloy contacts with the aim of keeping resistance low and increasing conductivity. Thus the switches have an increased electrical conductance.

The switches can be tested without the front cover on, and the front panel has no screws.

The range is designed to handle small and large-capacity loads, primarily in homes, offices and hotels. Loads are controlled using Busch-Jaeger multi-channel dimmers. These can be installed on a DIN rail or enclosure, or flush-mounted. Dimming the lights by 50% can save up to 40% in energy costs, claims ABB.

For lighting control, the range can be used in conjunction with ABB’s EIB/KNX technology.

All the products are constructed from a high-quality, robust material that is resistant to high temperatures. They come in either white or silver switch frames, and in single, dual, three or four-gang designs. One or two-way switches are available.