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How the system is failing architecture students: responses to Building’s survey
The questions Student One Student Two Student Three Student Four Student Five Student Six
What is an architect's average fee? 16-25% 20% Don't know 13% 10% Don't know
Who is the biggest UK contractor? Ove Arup Don't know Ove Arup Taylor Woodrow Don't know John Laing
What is the architect's role in a design-and-build projects? I don't know They execute all phases You pass it over to the contractor They work out the design and costs and finalise the detail They design it then instruct the contractors Conception and supervision
What would you go to a specialist subcontractor for? New materials? To carry out specialist work Stuff like theatre design and animation Something really particular, like glass systems Something like heating in a building Blown glass and materials
What does PFI stand for? Don't know Don't know Private funding initiative Don't know Don't know Don't know
Name one target in the Egan report. Don't know Don't know Don't know Don't know Don't know Don't know