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Structural steelwork and carcassing timber
 UnitNorth-west £Midlands £East Anglia £
Structural steel framing    
Columns, not exceeding (ne) 40 kg/mt670780875
Columns, ne 40 kg/m, hollow sectionst98010501150
Columns, 40-100 kg/mt650760850
Columns, 40-100 kg/m, hollow sectionst110011501200
Columns, exceeding 100 kg/mt630725800
Beams, ne 40 kg/mt720830900
Beams, ne 40 kg/m, hollow sectionst110011501200
Beams, 40-100 kg/mt690800865
Beams, 40-100 kg/m, hollow sectionst110011501200
Beams, exceeding 100 kg/mt660770770
Bracings, ne 40 kg/mt90011001150
Permanent erection on sitet170175220
Surface preparation/treatment – blast clean and zinc phosphate primerm25.004.005.00
Carpentry/timber framing/first fixing    
Wall or partition members, 50 × 50m2.102.252.50
Roof members    
Flat, 150 × 50m3.754.004.25
Pitched, 150 × 50m3.503.654.60
Pitched, 225 × 75m8.508.609.60
Individual supports, 75 × 50m2.102.252.50
Vertical restraint strap, 30 × 2.5 × 900 longnr5.005.255.50
Price changes
 % change since April 2002
Insitu concrete + 5%
Formwork for insitu concrete + 3%
Reinforcement + 8%
Concrete blocks + 4%
Structural steelwork + 5%
First-fix carpentry items (roof members etc) + 4%
Roofing slates + 6%
Stainless steel sheet roof coverings + 2%
Plasterboard partitions and linings + 5%
Hardwood wood strip flooring + 6%
Standard timber flush doors + 5%
Standard timber window frames + 5%
Ironmongery + 3.5%
Changing cubicles + 5%
Sanitary appliances + 2%
Glazing (generally) + 4%
Plaster/render + 4%
Vinyl sheeting/tiling + 3%
Copper pipes and fittings + 6%
Paint + 3%
Insulation + 5%
Bitumen macadam surfacing + 2%
Fencing + 4%
Key indicators
 % change April 2002 – April 2003
Retail Prices Index 
Headline rate (RPI)+3.1
All items excluding mortgage interest payments (RPIX) – government’s target index+3.0
All items excluding mortgage interest payments and indirect taxes (RPIY)+2.9
Harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) +1.5
Industry generally 
Materials and fuels purchased by manufacturing industry+0.1
of which materials+0.4
Materials and fuels purchased by manufacturing industry excluding food, beverages, tobacco and petroleum industries+2.5
Output prices of manufactured products+1.7
Output prices of manufactured products excluding food, beverages, tobacco and petroleum+0.0
Construction industry 
Construction materials+2.5
Housebuilding materials+1.7
Machinery and equipment (UK manufacture)+0.2
Electrical machinery and apparatus (UK manufacture)–0.3
Source: Office for National Statistics (March/April 2003 figures provisional)
Notes: The ONS category of “machinery and equipment” includes mechanical engineering items such as pumps, taps, valves, lifts, cooling and ventilation equipment. “Electrical machinery and apparatus” includes electrical engineering materials such as electricity distribution and control apparatus, wires and cables and lighting equipment.
Wage agreement summary for major wage-fixing bodies
OperativesAgreement bodyWage rates effective sinceDate of next review
Builders and civil engineering operativesConstruction Industry Joint Council24 June 200230 June 2003
 Building & Allied Trades Joint
Industrial Council (BATJIC)
10 June 20029 June 2003
PlumbersThe Joint Industry Board for Plumbing Mechanical Engineering Services in England and Wales2 December 2002Likely to be September 2003
 Scottish and Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board for the Plumbing Industry7 April 2003Likely to be September 2003
Heating and
ventilation operatives
Joint Conciliation Committee of the Heating, Ventilating and Domestic Engineering Industry7 October 2002Likely to be October 2003
ElectriciansThe Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry 6 January 20035 January 2004 (third-part of three-year agreement)
 Scottish Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry6 January 20035 January 2004 (third-part of three-year agreement)