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A summary of typical costs for a range of store types (£/m2 gross floor area)
 Department storeFashion store (low to med end)Fashion store (high end – concessions)Fashion store (high end – boutique)Food/ convenience stores
Fit-out building works73750631972562538
Fit-out furniture and eqpt2973551044473581
Prelims and OHP1461291281732215
Construction total1180990552237671334
Sales area as % of gross67%82%75%75%64%
Square meterage (gross)11,1482,59880607303
The costs exclude shell-and-core alterations as this report is focused on fit-out works. The cost of direct-supply items, for example visual merchandise, tills and telephones, are excluded as price varies depending on the retailer. Some procure these items in bulk, usually with large discounts and issue to their contractor for installations, others prefer to buy through their contractors. The figures also exclude the costs of lifts and escalators (with the exception of department stores) and fees.
Overview of store fit out costs for units within a new shopping mall
Shop unit type £/m2
Gifts, books and cards1127
Electrical and communication798
Health and beauty884
Restaurants and cafes 1351
Shoes and accessories 1371
Sports and outdoors 1097
The fit-out costs exclude merchandising systems, IT installations, specialist installations and back of house equipment. The analysis was based on a fire insurance valuation for the shop units on a recently completed shopping mall in the UK.
Typical department store benchmark costs (11,148 m2 gross; 7432 m2 sales area – 67% of gross floor area)
Description costs (£)£/m2 sales £/m2 gross
Strip-out and alterationsexcluded  
Shell and coreexcluded  
Fit-out: Building works   
Internal walls231,85531.2120.77
Metalwork, joinery and public health722,86197.3064.80
Signage (external/back of house)65,2508.835.81
Mechanical, sprinkler and public heath2,855,340384.17256.08
Electrical, heating and ventilation1,660,177223.35148.87
Builders’ work in connection135,93718.3012.16
Mechanical handling   
Back-of-house finishes   
Floor finishes 78,19110.557.00
Wall finishes97,33113.138.72
Ceiling finishes96,13512.928.61
Sales area finishes   
Floor finishes 441,85159.4239.61
Wall finishes/decorations21,7502.911.94
Ceiling finishes250,12533.6922.39
Fit-out: Sales furniture and equipment   
Perimeter wall equipment891,423119.9179.98
Mid-floor sales floor equipment1,068,903143.8195.91
Fitting rooms71,5579.586.46
Personal shopping area21,7502.911.94
Internal signage43,5005.813.87
Window display15,1162.051.40
Fit-out: Non-sales furniture and equipment   
Furniture, lockers, safes87,00011.737.86
Stockroom racking system81,56210.987.32
Alarm system21,7502.911.94
Restaurant and kitchen569,85076.7451.13
Contractors on-costs   
Contractors preliminaries and overhead plus profit1,631,250219.48146.28
Client equipment (direct purchase)   
Till machines, mannequins, ticketing, utensils excluded