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Typical tender return costs
Pile typePile length (m)Diameter (mm)Pile cost (£)
Independent cast in-situ reinforced concrete, bored10500415-440
Secant reinforced concrete wall, bored208001,975-2,200
Pre-cast concrete driven piles8450260-290
Notes: Costs assume the placement of in excess of 100 piles. Costs exclude main contractors’ preliminaries, overhead and profit and contingencies. Cost current at 1st quarter 2007
All-in estimating rates for C40 on a typical concrete-framed building
C40 concrete£/m3
Flat slab130-145
Concrete on metal decking130-145
Typical costs for basic finish formwork
Soffit of slabs40-45
Typical structural steelwork unit rates/tonne
Item LocationUnit rate/tonne (£)
Industrial building (Process eng, little repetition of design) London 2,180
Distribution/storage building (large span/trusses) London 1,790
Retail building (town centre) London 1,964
Office building London 1,617
Industrial building (Process eng, little repetition of design) Provincial 1,964
Distribution/storage building (large span/trusses) Provincial 1,617
Retail building (town centre) Provincial 1,848
Office building Provincial 1,444
Note: The above rates are based on projects with more than 500 tonnes of structural steelwork; projects of less than 500 tonnes may attract a cost premium of 5% or more. The above costs assume that the structural steelwork contractor will provide their own craneage on all of the projects except the office buildings, where a tower crane provided by the main contractor is more likely