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Specification options
FencingCapital cost (£/m)Life-cycle cost for 60 years (£/m) Service life (years)
Close-boarded fence to BS 1722-5 preservative-treated softwood boards, posts and gravel board, two rails, posts at 3m centres, 1.2m high, coated regularly4512415-25
Close-boarded fence as above, self-finished4510515-25
Close-boarded fence as above with oak posts, coated regularly4812830-50
Close-boarded fence as above with concrete posts and gravel boards, coated regularly5013025-35
Reinforced concrete post and infill panel, posts at 1.8m, 0.9m high6511325-35
Post and rail recycled solid plastics fence, posts at 1.5m, two rails, 0.9m high355430-40
Table notes: A discount rate of 3% is used to calculate net present values. Costs include installation, post holes and disposal of soil. Replacement at end of average service life, decorative treatment as applicable and an allowance for minor repairs. A cost analysis based on project specific information is essential for a realistic best value appraisal. BLP provides latent defect warranties for buildings (see www.blpinsurance.com). For durability information contact: peter.mayer@blpinsurance.com or telephone 020-7204 2450.