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Curtain walling - Lead times and costs
Typical design optionsApproximate costs
Cost of each additional frit£17-25/m2
Extra cost for faceting10-15%
Extra cost for single radius60% minimum
Glass external fins, depending on profile£280-400/m
Aluminium external fins, depending on profile£110-225/m
Extra cost of laminated glass in place of toughened£17-25m2
Inter-cavity blinds (motorised tilt only, manual raise and lower)£60-70/m2
Additional layer of glazing (opening inwards for access to cavity)£100-135/m2
Miscellaneous items 
Penetrations through system£1,650-2,000 each
Single doors£4,000 each
Double doors£6,500 each
External soffits£450/m2
Interface with other elements, e.g. stone£280/m
Secondary steelworkProject specific
Roofing - Typical roof prices
Single-ply membrane£90-105/m2
Natural slate£140-180/m2
Aluminium standing seam£80-100/m2
Two-coat asphalt£140-180/m2
High-performance bitumen felt£80-100/m2
Stainless steel standing seam£100-130/m2
Clay tiles £60-80/m2
The quality, procurement route, timescales, complexity of design and desire of contractors to tender should be carefully considered in project-specific estimates and their outturn cost.
* UK Roofing Materials Marketing and Development Report 2007 (£600 from MBD, www.mbd.co.uk)
Stone construction and restoration - Budget costs
Washing dependent on method£4.95-11.00/m
Controlled air abrasion£12.10-20.90/m
Chemical cleaning£7.15-14.30/m
Costs - Replacement Stone
Portland stone, 600 × 300 × 100mm£165-385 per piece
Continuous moulded stone£495-825/m
Granite, 600 × 300 × 100mm£275-605 per piece
Continuous moulded stone£907.50-2,090/m
Working of stone 
Planing stoneup to £133/hr
Sawing stone£55/hr