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Piling costs
Pile typeLength (m) Diameter (mm)Pile cost (£)
Independent cast - insitu reinforced concrete, bored 10500 436-462
15300 221-273
20450 682-766
30750 1,680-1,916
Secant reinforced concrete wall, bored 20800 2,074-2,310
20600 1,890-2,205
Pre-cast concrete driven piles 8450 273-304
15380 357-383
15430 514-546
Costs assume in excess of 100 piles. Exclude main contractors’ preliminaries, overhead and profit and contingencies. Current at 1st quarter 2007.
Concrete frames - Concrete costs
£/m3Flat slabConcrete on metal deckingColumnsBeamsWalls
C40 Concrete140-160140-160165-180160-175155-175
Concrete frames - framework costs
Typical costs are: 
 Cost £/m2
Soffit of slabs40-45
Structural steelwork - costs
Typical structural steelwork unit rates per tonne obtained from the survey, after adjusting to current day price in respect of the date of this publication, are below:  
Standard beams and columns structural frames (Rate per tonne)  
Office building £1,700£1,650
Distribution/storage (large span/trusses)£1,770£1,680
Retail (town centre)£1,780£1,690
Industrial building (process engineering, little repetition)£1,900£1,800
Extra over unit cost has to be added to the above if the following types of steel sections are used:  
Rectangular / circular hollow sections:  £370-480
Plate girders £430-540
Fabsec beams £370-480
With intumescent paint  
Should shop applied intumescent paint be required, the following average additional costs will apply:  
1 hour fire protection £27/m2 or £430/T
1.5 hour fire protection £40/m2 or £610/T
2 hour fire protection £42/m2 or £640/T