Establishment cost in millions of dollars
Completely destroyed housing units 4100200.0
Partially damaged buildings and housing units17,00082.0
Schools, hospitals and universities258.4
Security headquarters 316.3
Ministries complex125.0
Ministries buildings1623.5
Municipalities and local councils’ headquarters52.3
Gas stations42.0
Fixtures and fittings of destroyed buildings -1.0
Water and sewer lines102.4
Farmland, farmland equipment, and infrastructure-90.0
Ambulances and fire engines201.5
Electricity generating stations100.4
Roads (km)502.0
Commercial buildings150019.0
Fences and boundaries-5.0
Other direct losses -22.0
Total direct Losses 498.8
Costs of removal of rubble and workers wages 600.0
Grand total 1098.8