Construction companies hoping to go ‘carbon neutral’ can access a service run by the BRE and highly-ranked carbon offset charity Pure.

The company, which has writer and actor Stephen Fry as its patron, recently came top in a Which? report on offsetting providers in the UK.

Pure and the BRE struck a partnership deal in January and the two organisations now offer a joint service to help companies measure and reduce their carbon footprints.

In addition, the two partners are identifying and setting up carbon reduction projects, which typically involve renewable energy generation schemes for schools and communities.

‘We’re helping a social housing company and a social housing refurbishment, which should begin on site in two months,’ says Rob Rabinowitz, company secretary of Pure. ‘Further projects should come on stream within six months, by which time we hope to have support from other organisations.’

Pure is one of only six offset providers whose projects are accredited under the government’s Quality Assurance Scheme for Carbon Offsetting.