Brian Wilson

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    Wilson 160


    Nostradamus didn't say anything about what the construction industry would look like in 2033.

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    Reflex reaction


    Critics of the public–private partnership dwell on fledgling problems, but these are nothing that can't be solved. Better that than no new schools or hospitals …

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    On a permanent high


    National Construction Week highlighted the positive developments taking place in the industry. All we have to do now is keep this spirit alive all year round

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    Step on the accelerator


    Sir John Egan did well to get construction to give itself an overhaul. Now his successor, Peter Rogers, needs to get the whole industry moving in the right direction

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    What's the big idea?


    Construction's traditional attitude to R&D is that a brick is a brick is a brick – leaving the industry wide open to foreign competition. It's time to put our thinking caps on

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    Leading by example


    Public buildings must raise the bar for the whole industry in terms of design, procurement and whole-life costs if the government is to practise what it preaches

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    Unbelievable hilarity


    Heard the one about the new woman on site? No, didn't think so – there are almost none. So why does the press think recruiting them is such a giggle?

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    Amnesty international?


    In the first of a regular series, the construction minister discusses the pros and cons of legitimising the many illegal immigrants on UK building sites