Winter getting you down? Looking out of the window too depressing?

Perhaps in your next project you should consider installing a ‘SkyCeiling’, a product apparently inspired by 1970s sci-fi films about future dystopias – think of the enclosed world of THX 1138 (go on, look it up) or Ripley relaxing in front of digital woodland on a screen in Aliens.

Manufactured by a company called Sky Factory in Iowa, USA, these ‘virtual windows’ and recessed ceiling lights feature photos to create an illusion of the sky or landscape that the company refers to as ‘the fundamental relaxation-triggering response’.

Luminous Virtual Windows are wall-mounted and display edge-lit photographs of landscapes, seascapes and undersea vistas.

Placed in pairs with a choice of trim styles, sizes and shapes, they provide a window-like view to nature in windowless interiors.

In addition to large-format photography, the products use a daylight-balanced 6,500 Kelvin light, the same light used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

‘Research has established that views to nature, even images of nature, promote healing in healthcare settings and improve productivity and a sense of well-being in other environments,’ the company adds. So what are you waiting for?