In this award’s debut year, many firms stepped forward to prove their green credentials – but Architype’s astounding 26-year commitment to cutting CO2 made it a clear winner

Cut the carbon award, sponsored by CITB ConstructionSkills


The very first winner of the Cut the Carbon award blew the judges away. Architype’s entry provided page after page of undeniable evidence that this architect lives and breathes energy efficiency - and has done for some time. The firm says it has spent the last 26 years, long before low-carbon buildings were mainstream, using designs, techniques and materials to reduce embodied energy and carbon. And this long-term view has certainly paid off. Architype delivered 29,000m2 of buildings between 2005 and 2009, saving an estimated 29% of energy year-on-year, and 300 tonnes a year of CO2, all compared to the 2006 Building Regulations. Then there are the buildings it is working on now: 34,000m2 will be completed by the end of 2011 that will save 65% of energy a year and 75% of carbon. These buildings are predicted to save a one-off amount of 3,500 tonnes of carbon due to reduced embodied energy. The judges congratulated Architype and agreed that, after 26 years of exceptional sustainable building, with plenty more around the corner, the Cut the Carbon award has gone to a very worthy winner indeed.


Architype has spent the last 26 years using designs, techniques and materials to reduce carbon, and its current projects are no exception. By the end of 2011, its 34,000m2of buildings will save 65% of energy and 75% of carbon.

Arup Associates

Stand-out achievements in a strong year for Arup include reducing carbon output at Sky’s Harlequin 1 headquarters by a massive 67% and building the world’s first zero carbon, air conditioned stadium.


From its base in one of Britain’s greenest buildings, Bere focuses on Passivhaus construction. As well as hosting seminars on green construction and design, the firm trains its staff as European-certified Passivhaus planners.

Target Zero

The BCSA and Tata Steel with partners AECOM, Cyril Sweett and SCI have delivered the £1m Target Zero project, which provides a series of fully costed reports on the design and construction of sustainable low and zero carbon buildings in the UK.

Paul Davis & Partners

Building up its green credentials to develop 70 houses built to Code for Sustainable Homes level 5, Paul Davis & Partners also spends time and money promoting personal growth and green living to its staff.

Red Engineering

Red Engineering building systems result in an energy reduction of 10% to 90% on every scheme. In the words of one client: “Red is an inspiring example of a business committed to preserving our environment and protecting our future.”