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    RAAC schools had been due for renewal under scrapped Labour plan


    Plans to renew 13 schools hit by RAAC crisis were shelved in 2010

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    Schools: Hands up if you know the answer


    The James Review team has spent months coming up with the solution to schools delivery - and it looks suspiciously like existing body Partnerships for Schools. The government needs to swallow its pride and accept the verdict

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    A removeable feast: how long will schools funding last?


    The education sector is one of the areas to have remained buoyant during the recession. Capital funding has increased fourfold since 1997/98, putting it at just over £4.1bn. Altogether, the education sector is providing £6bn a year for construction through public funding and indirectly through the PFI. These workloads are ...

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    Back to schools: building in a recession


    Question one. How can we keep spending billions on school building while struggling with the biggest crisis in our public finances since the war? Not easy, is it? Even a grade A* economics student would struggle with this one.Not many of us are putting our hands up and offering ...