There was a notable absentee from last month’s list of influential industry figures, Klaus Bode. I am lucky to have met him and have been told that he was an exceptional engineer when he was graduate, let alone now.

His work includes helping to create the concept for the Gherkin and he was project engineer on the Commerzbank tower, considered one of the greenest high-rises. Professors around the world have monitored the building because it is still considered cutting edge.

Another of his projects, the National Assembly for Wales, is one of the few buildings in which consultants have been able to secure the post-occupancy monitoring that is invaluable in strengthening our industry.

The reason that Klaus is so influential is his love and enthusiasm for his industry and his desire to teach and inspire true sustainable design. He has taught the subject at the Architectural Association for many years, as well as being a hands-on director at BDSP Partnership.

His knowledge has been spread to AA students who are mainly international and who employ it throughout their careers when they return to their home countries. He reaches places others do not, and inspires people who are the future of our industry.

Jayde Auston, senior mechanical engineer, BDSP Partnership