HSE awards contract for gas installer registration scheme

Capita Group has won a £14 million per annum contract from the Health and Safety Executive for the new gas installer registration scheme.

The group will be given incentives to continuously improve gas safety and services to gas consumers and installers, to be held to account through a challenging set of key performance indicators.

Capita will be responsible for introducing and promoting a new independent brand, which will provide a good opportunity to promote gas safety messages.

The contract has been awarded for a term of 10 years and will run from 1 April 2009. It replaces the current scheme operated by CORGI.

Back in 2006, a HSE review of the domestic gas safety regime and discussions with stakeholders identified a need for change.

A survey of almost 600 homes, conducted by University College London, found that 45% had little understanding of the dangers associated with gas and carbon monoxide.

The HSE admitted that criticisms by stakeholders of the existing CORGI scheme had some foundation.