Now in its third year, CIBSE’s 100 Days of Carbon Clean Up campaign (this year taking the form of the “100 Hours” campaign) has helped raise awareness of the need to cut carbon emissions from the UK workplace.

Hundreds of organisations such as museums, offices, hospitals, universities and more have participated in the campaigns.

Pushing the message that even simple steps can make a significant difference; the campaigns have been a highlight of the CIBSE calendar and have gone a long way in educating employees on energy reduction, energy performance certificates and display energy certificates.

For more information on this year’s carbon clean up campaign, or to sign up to it, visit

Young engineers of the future

Michael Norton, chairman of the Young Engineers Network (YEN), is involved with a number of YEN projects such as working with local schools to promote engineering, and holding numerous social and technical events. The YEN gives a voice to the younger CIBSE members and in just over two years it has achieved satisfying growth and development – there are now a number of centres around the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

Michael, an engineering manager at Atkins, says: “My career began in 1998 when I joined FC Foremans as a junior mechanicalengineer. I had always had an interest in design so it seemed the thing for me.

“Little did I know that I had stumbled on one of the most rewarding and interesting careers I can think of, and I haven’t looked back since. I see attracting young people into engineering as one of the main challenges for our industry today.

“We are all well aware of the need to tackle climate change and make energy conservation our primary goal but we won’t be able to achieve this without the engineers of tomorrow.”

Brian Moss

Past-president and active CIBSE member Brian Moss recently received the Gold Medal award at the Institution’s AGM.

Brian has held the position of both president and treasurer for CIBSE, as well as helping to set up and run the Publications, Research Output and Development Committee (PROD), ensuring that the Institution’s guides are kept up to date.

Under his leadership the quality and standing of technical publications has never been higher and publication sales continue to set new income records each year. At the invitation of the Board, he has set up and leads CIBSE Services Ltd as a viable trading company to bring in additional income, embracing the opportunities relating to energy certification.

Brian currently leads the Weather Task Force.

Carbon 60 project at HQ

Major steps have been taken towards implementing Fulcrum Consulting’s prize-winning strategic plan to slash the carbon impact of CIBSE headquarters by 60% while the building remains in full use.

Initial improvements include insulation to the roof, new boilers, radiators and triple-glazed windows. Phase 2 will include work on improving the ventilation and lighting strategies of the CIBSE Engineering Centre, which hosts conferences and events.